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Factoring Issues

The following  subjects are applicable to all of the developments which we manage within North Ayrshire and we would therefore wish to draw them to your attention.

If applicable to you, and in the best interest of your development we would request that you act accordingly.


This is an ongoing issue in a number of developments in that we frequently receive complaints of residents/visitors parking in other resident`s allocated parking space.    As each property has an allocated parking space we would request that residents park ONLY within their allocated space.     Please do not assume that if a fellow resident has no car  that you may park in his/her space.  Please ask permission as they may well have frequent visitors.     If visitors are expected you should request that they utilise the visitors parking bays.


This is indeed anti social and un hygienic yet some residents continually allow their dog to foul common areas and gardens.

Note the following:

  • It an offence to allow you dog to foul common areas
  • It is a health hazard to children
  • It discolours the grass  
  • The garden contractors are not obliged to remove any mess and this may result in certain areas not being properly maintained.


Bulk items should only be deposed in the common bin  areas for a maximum of one week in order that you may make arrangements for the local authority to uplift such items.    They may be contacted on 0845 603 0594. The current charge is £12.00 for the removal of up to five items and £2.40 for each additional item.    In the event that fly tipping continues, those responsible, when traced will be billed for the removal of such items by our contractor.


Please note that only items of waste correctly segregated will be uplifted by the Council.   DO NOT put general rubbish in the blue bin.  Primarily only cans , paper, cardboard, plastic containers, tinfoil etc etc should be deposited in a blue bin.


Due to fire regulations and for personal safety NO items of  any kind should be stored in the communal stairwell areas.  This includes, garden furniture, prams, children`s toys  etc.    Please note any such items found in these areas may necissiate us writing to you in order to have them removed.


For the avoidance of doubt we would advise that all matters requiring attention are noted accordingly and a decision made as to whether they are urgent or non urgent. Contractors are not sent out to rectify non urgent matters immediately in order to attempt to keep your factoring accounts as low as possible. For example we consider that by and large, safety accepted, that light bulbs are generally replaced when a  minimum of two are out of action. Should any individual feel however that this unreasonable we only require to be advised  and we shall instruct our electrical contractor/s accordingly. Please remember however that the minimum call out charge of any contractor is generally in excess of £30. In all cases, our company  will call out to any property to check out a situation without any charge. 


Please remember to update us with any change of mobile number or email address as this can considerably speed matters up in the event that communication is required.


In general the majority of persons settle their Factoring Account within two weeks of submission. There are however some individuals in almost every development where settlement is not made promptly for whatever reason but deliberately delayed - in some cases by many months. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and cannot continue.

There are various acceptable methods of paying your  account.     

  • In person direct to our office
  • By credit/debit card either in person or by telephone
  • Internet banking
  • Direct Debit

If you are one of the individuals in this category we would ask that you contact our office immediately in order that your account may be brought up to date. 


In most developments the residents are  indeed fortunate in that there is at least one individual who takes it upon themselves to collate the bins, look after the bin stores and in some case even litter pick. Some owners  take all of this for granted but may we take this opportunity of thanking those persons involved- they know who they are- for their efforts on your behalf.

Tell us what you think!

If you see any issues or would like to suggest improvements please send us your feedback.

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