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2 Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

We will manage your development in accordance with the terms of the Deed of Conditions governing the property and subsequent relevant legislation and will also endeavour to meet the following service levels at all times.

New Clients

During the period when purchasing a property the appointed solicitor should make prospective purchases aware that there is a property manager in place and what the owners liabilities are. Following conclusion of the purchase of the property we will contact new owners approximately two weeks after their date of entry outlining details of our services and anticipated expenditure.

Residents Associations

We strongly encourage Residents Associations for all properties under our management. Associations are an excellent way of encouraging communication between owners and their property managers, and also builds a sense of community within the property. We can provide guidance on forming Associations when requested.


Repairs and account enquiries should be reported to 01294 461911. We will endeavour to answer all queries during the course of the telephone call however if we require to revert to you with further information we aim to do so within 48 hours.


We will aim to reply to correspondence within 7 days of receipt. If we are unable to fully answer your query within this timescale you will receive an acknowledgement which will confirm an anticipated response time.


We expect urgent repairs to be attended to within 4 hours of notification. We expect normal jobbing repairs to be attended to within 48 hours of notification. If estimates are required we ask appointed contractors to ensure these are submitted to our office within 5 days of notification. There may be circumstances outwith our control when these timescales cannot be achieved, i.e. severe weather, access restrictions etc.

Repair Costs

Excluding emergency repairs we will contact owners in advance of instructing major repair works at their property. Where the amount of float held for the property is less than the cost specific repairs required we may ask owners to provide funding in advance of us instructing a contractor to proceed.

Proceeding with Major Repairs

All owners have an obligation to ensure their property is maintained. Where we require authorisation and advance funding to proceed with works we will write to all owners providing details of all estimates received and a specification of the works proposed. Legislation allows for repairs to be instructed providing a majority agreement is obtained, however, we will not be in a position to instruct repairs on this basis without the necessary funds being in place.

Out of Hours Emergencies

Should you require the services of emergency tradesmen outwith our normal office hours you should contact our 24/7 contractor - ARCO - on 07876 502519.  Please remember - depending on the nature of the call out you may be charged.   Please also be aware emergency calls will be subject to the contractors out of hours rate.


We will visit your property at least 3 times per annum (tenements inspected annually). During our visits we will carry out a visual inspection of the external fabric of the building, common grounds if appropriate and internal common parts, providing access is available. We will note any obvious defects and actions as required. Our inspections are not risk assessments of the property and do not constitute a survey. If these types of inspections are required we would recommend owners engaging the services of an appropriately qualified person/firm.

Approved Contractors

We operate an Approved List of Contractors. These independent contractors must maintain a high level of service demanded by our agreement in order to remain on our Approved List. We monitor their performance to ensure that quality standards are met and for Health and Safety purposes. Each contractor must hold an appropriate level of insurance and comply with all current legislation.
We do not receive any commission or derive any benefit from invoices submitted by contractors appointed to carry out work on owners’ behalf. The cost detailed on owners’ common charges account is the amount invoiced by the contractor.


We will hold, wherever possible, a common comprehensive buildings policy where this is a stipulation in your Title Deeds. In the event that a client intimates an insurance claim we will provide support and guidance throughout the process. We aim to ensure that claims are settled within 8 weeks of intimation although this timescale will not apply to claims where a loss adjuster has been appointed.
Please note that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure their property is insured for full reinstatement costs.
In the event that an individual requires to cancel their cover mid-term, a refund will be made as appropriate less and administration fee of £25.00.

Client Money/Contingency Funds

Each owner is required to pay a float. The float amount will either be set by the Deed of Conditions or based on expenditure for the property. The float deposit is necessary to meet all expenditure incurred for the property and is replenished upon payment of the quarterly common charges account, thereafter, the float is carried forward to meet the next quarters expenditure. Unless the Deed states otherwise, in the event of a sale the float would be automatically credited to the account and any remaining balance or outstanding charges on the account would be settled or returned.

Management Fee

Our Management Fee is for the provision of our management service and is reviewed annually in November; any increase greater than the rate of inflation will be notified to you in writing.

Apportionment Fee

Solicitors will normally ask us to provide them with details which they require to complete a sale. We will always assist in this matter, however, as our management fee covers only the common management of the property we will charge a fee of £25.00 for this additional administration which will be charged on the sellers common charges account.

Common Charges Account

We account to owners quarterly in arrears and invoices are issued in March, June, September and December. Our common charges accounts are due for immediate payment as contractors and suppliers’ invoices will have been paid on your behalf. If we require to issue more than one reminder we reserve the right to raise a late payment fee on the next account. No more than one late payment fee will be rendered to any quarterly account.

Common Charges Accounts Disputes

If you are disputing any item on your account you should call our office to discuss the matter. We may agree to allow you to withhold payment of the disputed amount until the matter has been resolved, however, all other items should be paid in full.


Our insurance business is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.


We strive to be the best, however, we appreciate that there may be occasions when our standards slip below the high levels we set and have therefore developed a procedure for handling complaints. If you have experienced problems or wish to raise a complaint regarding our services please write to us at info@cunninghameproperties.co.uk or Cunninghame Properties, 22 Chapelwell Street, Saltcoats, Ayrshire, KA22 5EA.

Changing Property Manager

If owners are not satisfied with the level of service we provide and wish to consider terminating our management services, a meeting of owners must be convened in accordance with the terms defined in the Deed of Conditions for the property. In the event that the owners entitled to vote reach an agreement to terminate our service they must notify our office, in writing, confirming details of all owners in attendance and providing at least 13 weeks notice of termination. If the Deed is silent on matters such as these, all owners within the property/development must be advised of the intended action and if a majority of agreements to terminate our services is obtained a signed mandate from those owners in agreement should be sent to our office providing at least 13 weeks notice, in writing, of termination.

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