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Important Changes to Landlord Registration

Tuesday, 31st January, 2017

Important information for Landlords and Agents

A new website system for the administration of landlord registration will soon be introduced across Scotland.  The web address of the new system will remain the same as before (landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk).  The Scottish Government commissioned Registers of Scotland to design the new website with the aim of making the process of registering as a landlord simpler and more efficient.

Landlords and agents should be aware that the new system will automatically apply an additional late fee of £110 to landlords who fail to renew their registration on time.  This robust enforcement measure is in accordance with the existing legislation and national guidance issued to Local Authorities.

Landlords will be sent 2 reminders that their registration is due for renewal.  These will be sent by e mail if a landlord has provided an e mail address within the landlord registration system.  Therefore, it is extremely important that landlords keep their contact and other details held within their registration up to date.  It is a legal requirement for a landlord to notify the Council of any changes to their registration details as soon as possible after a change occurs.  Failure to comply with this requirement is a criminal offence and may also result in landlords not receiving renewal reminders, and other important correspondence.  If the renewal deadline is then missed an additional fee of £110 will be applied to any subsequent late application.   

Landlords who let property, or advertise property for rent, without a current registration or valid pending application are committing a criminal offence and are liable to be served with a Rent Penalty Notice, which prohibits the landlord from collecting rent.

Ultimately, it is a landlordís responsibility to be aware of the date on which their registration is due for renewal and to ensure an application is made prior to that date.  Landlords must also ensure that their registration covers all of their current rental properties, and that any relevant changes are notified to the Council timeously. 

If landlords or agents have any questions regarding this information, or they wish to check and confirm the details held within their landlord registration or when their registration is due for renewal, then they should contact your local authority  Licensing Section on (01294) 324305 or licensing@north-ayrshire.gov.uk


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