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Tuesday, 27th December, 2016

As a landlord, you want to ensure that your property is maintained all year round. However, winter comes with some specific concerns and challenges that you need to be prepared for.

Check the pipes

It's always important to keep on top of any breaks, leaks or blockages in your property's pipes. However, this becomes absolutely vital in the winter months.

If a blockage or leak freezes, this can cause pipes to burst.  This means you are in for some expensive water damage, so make sure that they are regularly maintained.

Clear the gutters

Winter has arrived meaning gutters can become clogged or blocked with leaves or debris.  If this is the case, then when the cold weather sets in any accumulated water can freeze.  If this happens, you risk water overflowing or broken external pipes.

By clearing the gutters after heavy rainfall or before frost sets in, you can give yourself the best chance of avoiding these problems.

Be prepared for power cuts

In the case of a winter power cut, your tenants are likely to be plunged into darkness.  Although its not your responsibility to do so, it is good practice to ensure that your tenants are prepared for this possibility.

Check the roof

The harsher weather will quickly expose any problems with your property's roof - problems that could well have been caused by high autumn winds.

Anything that compromises your roof's integrity is going to cause pain during the winter.  It will make your tenants unhappy due to the cold and, if there are any leaks, you'll be picking up an expensive bill.

Get your roof checked before any of this can become a problem, it'll save you money and stress is the long run.


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