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Tuesday, 18th October, 2016

A trade body has accused some landlords of "failing to get to grips" with several recent legal changes in the private rental sector. 

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks says that members frequently receive queries about new industry regulations with regards to window blinds.  This follows the introduction by the British Standards Institution in 2014 of new safety requirements aiming to address child safety risks posed by blinds and curtains.

The requirements mean that any blind which is installed with cords and chains has to have breakaway connectors and cord and chain safety retainers.  The cords and chains must also be maintained at a minimum 1.5 metres from floor level.

All new blinds or curtain tracks which are fitted by a professional must now pass the new standard,  meeting the necessary safety requirements and test methods.  If an accident involving a non-compliant blind or curtain track takes place in a rental property, the landlord could face prosecution from trading standards.


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