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Head for the Hills!

Tuesday, 20th September, 2016

New research by the Halifax has named the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands and the Western Isles as the places with the best quality of life for children.  It marks the second year in a row that these areas have claimed the top three spots in Halifax's annual Children's Quality of Life Study.

The study looked at employment rates, average house sizes, school performance levels, population density and personal wellbeing to make the findings.

It found the Western Isles has the lowest population density in Britain, with just nine people per square kilometre - compared with the national average of 276.

The Shetland Islands and Orkney Islands also have a low population density, with 16 and 22 people per square Kilometre respectively.  The report said children can walk around in "relative freedom" with an average of 71 vehicles per square Kilometre in the Western Isles, 142 in the Orkneys and 145 in the Shetlands, compared with an average of 9,587 across Britain.

And Office for National Statistics (ONS) data on personal wellbeing suggests adults in the Orkney & Western Isles are among the happiest, most satisfied and least anxious in Britain.


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