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Private Rented Sector

Tuesday, 6th October, 2015

More than half of all UK residents under the age of 40 will be living in privately rented accommodation by 2025.

Such is the conclusion of a report by economists at accountancy firm PwC published recently. The report forecasts that rising property prices, a shortage of "affordable" property being built and the difficulty of saving up a large enough deposit, mean the 5.4m households rented from private landlords today (up from just 2.3m in 2001) will grow to 7.2m within a decade. 

While that is of course bad new for aspiring homeowners, the prediction should be music to the ears of buy-to-let landlords, suggesting there will be a constantly expanding pool of potential tenants to provide an income stream. But of course making a success of your buy-to-let investment is not straight-forward.

There are many elements to take into account, not least whether you have secured the best mortgage for your purposes and are using it in the most efficient way. And it is vital that landlords keep abreast of market developments, such as the recent changes to tax relief legislation announced in the July Budget. Landlords also need to develop long-term plans and strategies for what is effectively a small business, whether you have one property of 20.  


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