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Electrical Checks

Tuesday, 16th June, 2015

The Scottish Government has finalised its guidance on mandatory electrical testing. Although the term used by the government is "guidance" this is a statutory regulation which will come into force from 1st December 2015. 

Under the new requirement, landlords will have to have fixed wiring (Electrical Installation Condition Report - EICR) checks carried out at least every five years. This will apply from the following dates:

1st December 2015 - for any new tenancies entered into or after this date (this includes current tenants signing a new lease)
1st December 2016 for existing tenancies.

All Scottish privately rented property covered by the Repairing Standard will be required to comply regardless of tenancy type.

The EICR report must include an appliance check report (a Portable Appliance Test PAT). PAT checks are required on appliances provided by the landlord, but not those belonging to the tenant.

Anything that is not permanently connected to the electrical installation should be included on the PAT record. Everything in the property which uses the electrical supply must be on either the EICR or PAT, unless it belongs to the tenant. The NLA believes it is advisable to have checks carried out more frequently than every five years if recommended by a trusted electrician. 

It is a requirement that landlords ensure that the electricians they use are competent. Electricians should be a member of SELECT or NICEIC or be able to complete the checklist in Annex A of the guidance.

Enforcement of the electrical testing requirements is the responsibility of the Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP). The PRHP can issue a Repairing Standard Enforcement Order and ultimately a rent penalty for non-compliance, which is a criminal offence.

At Cunninghame Properties we have already commenced these checks and will gradually over the next 18 months arrange to have all properties certified in order to be compliant. Certification starts at 100 per property. Should you wish to arrange your certificate with a recognised contractor please advise us and supply us with a copy of the certificate once the work has been completed.

Derek Andrews, our Managing Director, commented that where lives are at stake it can never be too early to have a check completed. Those landlords who do not wish to be compliant should have their landlord registration cancelled by the local authority and fined accordingly. Non-compliance is a criminal offence. 


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