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Japanese Knotweed

Tuesday, 26th August, 2014

Protect your home against the invasion of Japanese Knotweed.

This weed, which has rapid growth, continues to grab the headlines throughout the UK due to its invasive nature. Buildings and properties affected by it have a negative effect on mortgage applications and if you are already an owner you can rest assured that the value of your property will drop considerably. 

This weed can grow through tarmac and concrete, and a weed the size of a fingernail can grow up to three metres in length in as many months, and can cause serious damage to the foundations of buildings.

Early identification of the knotweed can considerably reduce the cost implications and time-scales involved in eradicating it. 

Our own proactive approach in a development which we factor proved particularly successful, as after calling in a specialist company in 2012 to carry out the necessary treatment the complete eradication of the weed has now been confirmed. There are several specialist companies in this business who may be contacted if required.

The next time you are at your rented property - or indeed at any time at your own home - you should inspect the garden. A few minutes spent on this exercise now could well be of benefit to you in the near future.

Do you have it? It is lush green in colour, the leaves are heart-shaped, the stems are similar to bamboo in appearance and in Autumn white flowers appear on the leaves.

Further information on Japanese Knotweed may be obtained on many websites including www.knotweedservices.co.uk.


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