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New Electrical Safety Requirements

Monday, 21st July, 2014

New safety standards are due to be introduced now that the Scottish Parliament has given its support for the Housing (Scotland) Bill in the final parliamentary phase. Landlords with properties in Scotland will have a duty to ensure regular electrical safety inspections are carried out and must fit carbon monoxide detectors in their properties. To comply with the new electrical safety requirements, landlords must ensure that regular inspections of the property are carried out by a "competent" person every five years. Before the start of the tenancy, landlords in Scotland should provide the tenant with a copy of the record of the most recent inspection and if the inspection is carried out during the tenancy, the tenant should also receive a copy of this inspection. Landlords must retain inspection reports for six years.

The Scottish Government will publish further guidance on these inspections, which will also include details as to who is considered "competent" to carry them out. In addition to existing rules in place in Scotland since October 2013 requiring carbon monoxide (CO) alarms to be fitted when new or replacement boilers or other fossil fuel heating appliances are installed in residential properties, once the Bill enters into force, landlords in Scotland will be required to fit CO alarms in all private-rented sector properties which have carbon-fuel appliances.

As far as Cunninghame Properties are concerned - we are ready!

95% of our properties - and this figure is rising - have already had a carbon monoxide alarm installed since October last year. There are however, a few landlords who wish to install their own but have "not got round to it yet". We urge those landlords to do so as soon as possible or contact us and we shall make the necessary arrangements.

As far as Electrical Safety Reports are concerned, we have already started and are ahead of the legislation. We would recommend that - where possible - the certification be carried out during void tenancy periods. 

Further details on costs etc are available from our office.


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