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Beware Of Fraudulent 'Vishing' Phone Calls

Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

The following information was received by us today from The Royal Bank of Scotland, whilst it applies mainly to businesses, due to the seriousness of the contents we believe that all our client landlords should be made aware and be ever vigilant when using online banking.

Fraudsters have been targeting UK businesses using a scam known as 'vishing'.  The amounts involved can be significant.

Vishing is when a fraudster telephones you or your company, pretending to be from the bank.  These fraudsters will undertake research on your business activities in advance of making the call, so that they sound knowledgeable and credible. 

Typically, the fraudster might claim to be from a bank department such as Fraud Investigations or Payment Clearing.  They will assert that there is a problem with your account which can only be addressed by providing security credentials such as Bankline PINs, passswords and smartcard challenge and response codes.

For example, they may claim that smartcard codes are needed to re-authorise genuine payments that have been blocked in error.  Or claim that access to Bankline has been frozen and that the service can only be restored by providing security credentials.

The fraudsters will then try and use any information you disclose to access your Bankline profile and authorise bogus payments.

Please remember that the bank will never ask you to reveal any details from your Bankline PIN and password, or smartcard security codes, over the telephone in any circumstances.

To protect your business from vishing -

- Be suspicious of any telephone calls requesting details of Bankline PINs, passwords and smartcard codes.
- End any such calls immediately.
- Report the incident to the Bankline Helpdesk on 0845 300 8483, but use a different handset because the fraudster may try to keep the line open and intercept your call.

You can find out more about vishing and other tactics used by fraudsters by visiting our security website www.rbs.co.uk/banklinevideo


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