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Housing Groups' Concern Over Immigration Act

Monday, 30th June, 2014

Housing groups and human rights campaigners fear UK immigration legislation could discriminate against vulnerable groups applying for new tenancies.

Property owners could be fined up to 3,000 under the UK Government's Immigration Act 2014 if they do not carry out proper checks on prospective tenants.

Under the proposals, before renting accommodation to anyone as their main or only home, landlords or their letting agent, will have to ask prospective tenants to produce evidence of their permission to be in the UK. 

If a person cannot produce satisfactory evidence, the landlord will not be allowed to to let a property to them.

The move has attracted widespread criticism from housing and immigration organisations who claim it will lead to discrimination against those who do not have readily available documentation, such as the homeless and people fleeing domestic violence.

There are also fears from campaign groups people will be forced to turn to illegal landlords and in extreme cases, face exploitation.

The Scottish Government has raised concerns about the legislation, saying there appears to be no evidence it is needed in Scotland.

The rules will be introduced in one area of the UK later this year before being rolled out across the whole country.


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