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Don't Give Fire a Home

Tuesday, 29th April, 2014

Most people believe fire won't affect them, but the reality couldn't be more different as Scotland currently has the highest fire related injuries fatality rate per head of population compared to the rest of the UK.


It makes you wonder, how safe is your home?


Currently 3 out of 4 Scots believe their home isn't at risk from fire. But there are many dangers around the home. Most house fires start by accident and most incidents can be prevented. Make fire safety part of your regular housekeeping routine. It's not rocket science, just common sense. Here are some handy tips to start off with:


Take care when cooking with hot oil and think about using a thermostat controlled deep-fat fryer.


Never leave lit candles unattended.


Make sure that cigarettes are stubbed out and disposed of carefully.


Never smoke in bed.


Keep clothing away from heating appliances.


Keep matches and lighters away from children.


Take special care when you are tired or when you've been drinking. Half of all deaths in domestic fires happen between 10pm and 8am.


Take care in the kitchen. Accidents while cooking account for 59% of fires in the home.


Have a clear escape plan and practice it.


Remember to test your smoke alarms at least once a week.


Some of these tips may seem quite obvious; however, if they were actually put into practice more often there would be far fewer house fires in Scotland.


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