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Dampness is Biggest Turn Off

Friday, 21st February, 2014

Damp stains and poor maintenance or appearance are the main issues to put off potential tenants, say the results of a recent survey carried out by a price comparison website.

Derek Andrews, Managing Director of Cunninghame Properties, writes:

"Despite these results not being of great surprise, many landlords still fail to address these issues. It never fails to amaze me that some landlords seem to think that these matters are of little importance."

He went on to say that would be tenants have no interest in a property if at the viewing stage they found evidence of damp, such as stained walls or ceilings. 

"First appearances always count and overgrown or untidy gardens or a dirty entrance are all tell tale signs that the property has been unloved and not cared for as it should be."

A little time rectifying some of these matters usually pays dividends in that on occasions a higher rent can often be achieved. 


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