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Bedroom Tax

Friday, 15th November, 2013

Westminster's controversial "bedroom tax" is on course to save 45 million pounds in Scotland alone. New figures recently released show that almost 80,000 Scottish tenants have had their housing benefit cut since last August.


Defending the cuts Lord David Freud, the Welfare Reform Minister said that state hand-outs now cover households for the number of beds they actually need rather than subsiding spare rooms at taxpayers expense.


The cuts are expected to save every single taxpayer north of the border 17 or so but are they really fair and has the whole scheme been properly thought through? The political parties in Scotland are at loggerheads over the cuts. Tweet us your comments and we will retweet them to the Scottish Government.


In North Ayrshire we are dealing with many claimants who have suffered cut backs and financial hardship as a result of the new regulations and in several instances tenants have been left with no alternative but to seek alternative accommodation.


If you are a tenant and are affected by the "bedroom tax" and need help or advice please discuss your concerns with us or contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.


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