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Communal TV Systems for Blocks of Flats

Friday, 11th October, 2013

Sky has launched a new way of upgrading existing communal TV systems in blocks of flats.


The solutions delivers the two signals required for full Sky+ functionality down an existing single cable system. This allows residents to watch Sky in multiple rooms and provides the capability to pause and rewind, and record two or more shows at one time.


The upgrade is described as very simple and quick, with no drilling, stripping or re-cabling required.


Brendan Hegarty, head of Sky Communal TV, said: "With TV technology advancing so rapidly, many landlords who previously installed a communal TV system in their block are facing frustrations from tenants because they can't access the latest TV functions and services. SCS is a brilliantly simple solution to this problem."


SCS is particularly suitable for situations where cabling is not allowed or internal cabling is inaccessible.


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