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New Benefits System

Wednesday, 2nd October, 2013

If you're "working age" (born after 5th of October 1951) and on benefits, or claim benefits from time to time, the Department for Work and Pensions is making big changes this year that could affect you.




From 1st of April 2013, new occupancy rules could affect how much housing benefit you receive. If you're on housing benefit, and your home is bigger than the rules say you need, your housing benefit will be reduced by either 14% or 25%. If this applies, you'll be advised how much less you will receive for your family and you'll need to make up the difference yourself from other benefits or earnings.




From September 2013, the amount of weekly benefits - including child benefit - you can receive will be limited or "capped" at 500 for a lone parent or couple, or 350 for a single person. Child benefit is included but the cap won't apply if someone in your household is claiming various disability benefits. This cap may seriously effect the amount of housing benefit payable to you.


If you would like further information on this subject contact North Ayrshire Council Benefits Service on 01294 310000 or the Homeless Assessment, Prevention and Advice Team on 01294 314700.


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