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Property for Pension

Thursday, 1st August, 2013

More landlords than ever are now viewing their property portfolio as a critical part of their pension plan as they prepare their retirement.


A recent BDRC Continental survey found that over 80% of landlords see their properties as their pension.


Two thirds said they plan to live off rental incomes, 20% expect to sell some of their properties and 5% said they will sell their whole portfolio to fund their retirement.


With cutbacks to pensions, rates of interest stubbornly low and traditional investments such as stocks and shares proving unstable, more and more people are looking for alternative ways to save money for their retirement.


As rental demand remains strong, investors increasingly look to the buy-to-let market as a desirable alternative to traditional pension funds. Through investing in buy-to-let properties, often bought at auction, landlords are able to receive an income in the short term, covering the mortgage payments while also producing long-term capital growth.


The private rental sector remains a good alternative source of long-term investment and with one in five households predicted to be renting by 2016, this does not look set to change in the near future.


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