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Buildings Insurance

Wednesday, 24th July, 2013

A number of years ago we were approached by our friendly insurance rep who told us that if we were to set up a policy in our own name we would create a block policy which our landlords could join.


This was the beginning of saving our landlords money on their buildings insurance policies. The more properties that we added, the more negotiating power we were able to gain and consequently the better rates we received.


As time went by word spread and gradually more and more landlords joined the scheme and more and more landlords saved money.


Insurance companies have changed over the years as our brokers continually shop around to obtain the best rates.


Some landlords have reported savings of up to 50%, but it is fair to say that not all landlords can save money as some insurance risks or properties are not compatible with the scheme provider.


However, it costs you nothing to obtain a quote.


By the time your insurance falls due for renewal in all probability you will have forgotten about this article. We would therefore suggest that you email our office - give us your contact details, renewal date, sum insured and current premium.


We will diarise your date and make contact with you 2-3 weeks prior to your renewal date.


You have nothing to lose and you may well be surprised how much you can save!


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